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What to Expect in Internal Family Systems

a group discusses internal family systems expectations

Mental health is complex, and there are a variety of effective treatments available. Internal family systems (IFS) is one approach that is gaining popularity. IFS is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on the relationship between different parts of the self.

If you are considering therapy, it is important to understand your internal family systems expectations and how this approach can help you. Rockland Recovery Behavioral Health offers a Sharon, Massachusetts internal family system program that can help you develop a more positive relationship with yourself and improve your mental health. Call us at 855.520.0531 to learn more about our services.

What Is Internal Family Systems?

Internal family systems (IFS) is a form of psychotherapy that was developed by Dr. Richard C. Schwartz in the 1980s. It is based on the idea that each person has a “self” that is composed of many different parts, or “subpersonalities,” that all work together to help us navigate our lives. These subpersonalities can take on a wide range of roles and can have different motivations, emotions, and behaviors.

IFS therapy is designed to help people understand and work with these different parts of themselves in order to heal from past traumas and improve their overall mental health. The therapist helps the client identify and understand their different subpersonalities and how they interact with one another. Through this process, the client can learn to relate to their subpersonalities in a more compassionate and accepting way, which can help them heal from past trauma and develop a more balanced and healthy sense of self.

Setting Internal Family Systems Expectations

We know that our clients might have some internal family systems expectations of their own. With that said, we want to make sure that they understand what to expect during the therapy sessions and that they know that the therapist will be there to support them throughout the entire process.

When you begin IFS therapy at Rockland Recovery Behavioral Health, you can expect to work closely with your therapist to identify and understand your different sub-personalities. Your therapist will help you explore the roles that these subpersonalities play in your life and how they interact with one another.

You can also expect to learn new tools and techniques for working with your subpersonalities, such as how to communicate with them in a compassionate and respectful way and how to set boundaries with them when necessary.

The ultimate goal of IFS is to help individuals to build better connections between their parts, to create a healthier and more balanced way of living, and to become more self-aware. IFS can help individuals to better understand themselves and their relationships, to identify and address any issues that may be causing distress, and to create healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Expectations for Internal Family Systems

There are some expectations for internal family systems therapy for those who are interested in pursuing this approach. One important expectation is that individuals will be open and honest about their thoughts and feelings during the therapy process. This is essential for IFS to be effective, as it allows individuals to gain insight into their internal system and identify any unhelpful patterns of behavior.

IFS is a deep and complex therapy and therefore requires commitment, dedication, and patience. The process of IFS involves exploring and understanding the various parts of the personality, how they interact with each other, and how they may be affecting one’s life.

Another expectation is that individuals will be willing to take responsibility for their own healing and to take an active role in the therapy process. IFS is not a passive process, and individuals must be willing to engage in the work of exploring their inner systems and making changes.

IFS therapy can be a powerful tool for improving your mental health and well-being. By working with your therapist at Rockland Recovery Behavioral Health, you can expect to gain a better understanding of yourself and your different sub-personalities. You can also expect to develop new skills for managing your emotions and thoughts and for dealing with difficult situations in a more effective and healthy way.

Internal Family Systems Therapy at Rockland Recovery Behavioral Health

If you’re interested in learning more about internal family systems therapy and how it can help you, we encourage you to contact Rockland Recovery Behavioral Health to schedule an initial consultation. Our team of experienced therapists is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals and improve their mental health and well-being. We offer internal family systems therapy as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that is tailored to each individual’s needs. Contact us today at 855.520.0531 to learn more and to take the first step towards a happier, healthier you.