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5 Benefits of Partial Hospitalization Programs

a patient with a care monitor, one of the benefits of partial hospitalization programs

When you’re considering mental health treatment, what’s the most important thing to you? Flexibility? Support that works into your daily life? Trauma-informed care? All of these are benefits of partial hospitalization programs (PHPs).

If you live near Sharon, MA, you can start the partial hospitalization program at Rockland Recovery Behavioral Health by calling 855.520.0531.

5 Benefits of Partial Hospitalization Programs

While there is a long list of benefits of partial hospitalization programs, these five are some of the most important:

1. Comprehensive Treatment Approach

A PHP is designed to provide a comprehensive approach to mental health treatment. Commonly, treatment staff will incorporate a blend of therapies, like internal family systems (IFS), solutions-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), narrative therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Each of these therapies offers unique benefits, and together, they create a holistic treatment plan tailored to the individual’s needs.

2. Continuity of Daily Life

One of the most sought-after benefits of partial hospitalization programs is the opportunity for you to continue with your daily routines. This feature makes a PHP ideal for adults who cannot pause their whole lives for help. Even busy professionals and parents of young kids can often fit a PHP into their schedules.

3. Specialized Men’s and Women’s Programs

Men and women may have unique needs when it comes to mental health treatment. To cater to these differences, many PHPs offer specialized men’s and women’s tracks. These gender-specific programs provide a safe space for individuals to explore their mental health struggles and work toward recovery.

4. Trauma-Informed Care

Many PHPs incorporate trauma-informed care into their treatment approach. By keeping individuals affected by trauma in mind, every staff member will aim to create a supportive and healing environment. This approach recognizes the impact of trauma on an individual’s mental health and seeks to provide specialized care.

5. Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness is often a core component of partial hospitalization programming. Why? Since many individuals seeking care in a PHP are stepping down from residential treatment programs, they need methods to help them continue their progress as they restart their daily routines. Mindfulness practices are a way to maintain the progress made during residential treatment and continue working on mental health goals.

What to Expect in a Partial Hospitalization Program

When you enroll in a POHP, you’ll participate in a range of activities and therapies designed to support your mental health recovery. These may include:

  • Group therapy sessions where you can connect with peers and professionals
  • Educational workshops on coping skills, stress management techniques, and more
  • Holistic activities like yoga, meditation, and art therapy to promote overall wellness
  • Tailored therapy plans to address your specific needs and goals

As you make progress in your partial hospitalization program, you may also have the opportunity to gradually transition to a lower level of care, such as intensive outpatient or outpatient treatment. This step-down approach allows for a smoother and more sustainable transition back into daily life while still receiving support and guidance from mental health professionals.

Call Rockland Recovery Behavioral Health to Start PHP Treatment Now

If you’re ready to take the next step in your mental health journey, contact Rockland Recovery Behavioral Health in Sharon, MA. Our PHP offers flexible scheduling, trauma-informed care, and specialized programs for men and women. We’re committed to helping you achieve lasting recovery and improved well-being. Call 855.520.0531 or complete our simple online form today to start the enrollment process. Your mental health should not take the back seat. The PHP at Rockland Recovery Behavioral Health can help you prioritize your well-being while still allowing you to live your life.